Taking bookkeeping courses offers so many options in terms of in the financial services. This certificate in bookkeeping is designed to make sure that competence and management are well elaborated in the financial services industry. One must therefore take all the right measures to be deemed capable by the industry players’ regulation body and through the employment companies such as banks where they plan to work or start their financial careers. Once a student or a qualified person decides to plunge into the financial world they must take every step in order to be more attractive for employment or in order to be hired by clients as financial advisers.

The financial services is a diverse field of study and of practice it is full of dynamic people and the ever changing rules of the game that requires a player to be both learned in accounting courses and also in other various fields including streets smartness. According to the stipulated guidelines in the financial market in Australia the regulation body requires that all licensees must have passed through the RG146 compliant training and have passed the various examinations.

This financial regulation is designed for the entire financial practitioner, in order to make sure that they are conducting their business with as much diligence and competence as much as possible. Far from the regulations requirement and the required financial related courses there are others that make the climb in financial services career more fulfilling and sells a candidate strongly to the relevant authorities.


Well, finance is all about numbers and a mention of more calculus and algebra over the much accounting numbers may not seem like a way to spend your extra free hours. However, the numbers in solving equations are very important when it comes to solving various financial problems that may not necessary require the use of financial numbers to solve. Plus, when you have learned to solve many of these equations you are in better situation to solve some other non financial crisis that may arise.


There should be a lot of emphasis on this since there is a lot of accounting that takes place in financial services. The accounting is used alongside management skills that may be very important during financial planning. The planning will be first understood through the many numbers as the client and financial adviser discuss the possibilities availed to them.


Any financial students will be at an advantage when they take up courses in economics, the understanding of economics as a subject will help the student and the financial practitioner understands how scarcity of resources is affecting the needs and wants of the client of organization they are representing.


A course in the psychology helps financial students understand the how the market is shaped by the different personalities and from the critical analysis they may use it to predict the next move in the markets. Therefore coming up with a comprehensive and purposefully way of handling the clients’ assets in a direction that is profitable to them.


A writing course will help a student come up with convincing presentations that are well written and highlighted for easier reference. They can only achieve this by teaching themselves the skills of writing up a good report or presentation; technical writing is very important. Learn more about RG146 compliant courses here.