Design Functionality and Purpose of Elevators

The world of architecture is experiencing a Renaissance boom of new, modern and even a bit weird concepts. Elevators, on that note, are part of the movement, combining the beauty of the design with the beauty of the mechanics. Bringing the best of both worlds, these elevators will shoot you to the top of the tallest building in the world and will let you gaze into an endless skyline of industrial and natural beauty.

An elevator, according to the world’s largest internet encyclopedia, is a type of vertical transportation that transfers goods or people between levels, floors or decks.

1.    Smart Elevators

Smart elevators are very much like the standard ones, but… well, smarter. The idea behind a “smart” device or a transportation method of this sort is to move people or goods faster, lighter, and by providing a more minimalistic approach in terms of hardware and functionalities that are available to the user.

2.    Designer Elevators

Designers sure do step up on their elevator game when it comes to implementing new and modern ideas into a functional mechanism. There are some pretty amazing lifts – with rounded glass walls, covered in gold, and some that are have non-typical elevator shape. Although the main purpose of the elevator is to move people or goods up and down, some designs do aim to impress first.

3.    Eco Elevators

Just as pretty much every industry that involves the exchange of physical goods, the elevator industry has adopted newer and greener practices with better lift consultants to assist in design, maintenance and safety. These good practices correspond with the eco standards everyone is trying to follow. A recent study showed that the total amount of buildings worldwide is consuming about 40% of the world’s electricity. In that statistics, elevators account for between 2% and 10% of the building’s total energy usage. An elevator can be considered green when the materials which have been used for its development, and the energy that it consumes while functioning, are eco-friendly. In other words – the interior and exterior parts are non-toxic to the surrounding environment or have been recycled, and the energy is probably coming from a self-sufficient source, such as an HVAC system with air-side economizers, for example.

4.    Industrial Elevators

Industrial lifts usually serve as a lifting mechanism for industrial goods. Those lifts are being designed to withstand heavy duty and commercial use elements, and are often used as a temporary solution for projects that are soon to be finished or currently under construction. Industrial elevators’ design is far from being elegant or modern, but what is absolutely mandatory is to meet safety and IP codes in order to function without restrictions.

5.    Service Elevators

Service elevators, or freight elevators, have one simple function – they transport heavy goods or have a special purpose. An example of a service elevator is the wide lift that hospitals use to transport patients between floors. Another example of a service lift is the dumbwaiter type that aims to transport dishes between levels while reducing the average servicing time.

Top 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Process

The digital world has been revolutionised over the past years, but SEO services remains an important and effective marketing strategy. SEO is widely known as a credible marketing strategy due to its effectiveness in getting your site noticed by the search engines.

There are so many benefits of search engine optimisation, but we are going to write only the top 5. The aim of this article is remind you why Search engine optimisation is awesome, and why you should use it in promoting your business.

You are not a serious business person until you have understood the importance of optimizing your site, and the importance of engaging many people to buy your goods and services. SEO is the answer. We are going to show you below reasons why you need SEO services today:

Increased Traffic

If your site is well-stuffed with keywords, they will surely rank high in search engines. The same happens if your site receives a variety of clicks and impressions on a daily basis. Always make sure your site has highly qualified web traffic with optimised tags and descriptions.


Search engine optimisation provides quantifiable results, like conversions, traffic and rankings whether you are an ecommerce site or not.

For e-commerce websites, one can easily notice the paths users or visitors took by going through their sales records, and by viewing the keywords they used while searching for your site or product.

For non-ecommerce sites, you can discover this by either calculating the value of your search engine optimisation or checking the lead conversions such as ‘contact us’ form fill-out and so on.

Cost effectiveness

SEO remains one of the most credible and remarkable cost-effective marketing strategies; it is what targets or directs users who are seriously searching for your products and services in the internet.

So, it markets your goods and services faster than cold-calling. Though cold-calling might still be useful till date, but it doesn’t generate much leads than SEO. There are many companies that are deeply engaged in SEO services, feel free to get in touch with them, if you want more traffic to your site.

Enhances your site usability

SEO makes your site to be navigable and looks friendlier for users; it rearranges the links and architecture of your page and makes it easier to find and navigate any day any time- this also helps users to get useful information on your site when they visit.

Brand Awareness

SEO enables your site to be in top position rankings. If your site is in the result pages, it will give you more exposure. That is why it is recommended to place targeted keywords on the first page. Search engine optimisation makes it easy for your site to be known by users or those searching for your products and services online.

It will make your contents and pages to rank high in the search engines- the more it is ranked, the more users will associate with your brand and the more they build trust on your products, because users see those companies that appear on the first page to be more trustworthy than others. A good SEO melbourne service provider gives your site a competitive edge over your competitors.

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Pregnancy And The Fashion Industry – A Designers Perspective

Pregnancy causes many changes to your body; some mild, others more drastic. While most of these changes are manageable, some may need medical consultation, monitoring, or intervention.

Over half of pregnant women complain of back pain, especially as the pregnancy progresses. This can be caused by the extra weight that shifts your center of gravity and strains your muscles and by the hormone changes your body is experiencing.   The pain most commonly occurs in the lower back where the spine and the pelvis meet. If the pain is severe or progresses from a dull soreness to cramping, see a doctor; otherwise, there are adjustments you can make to your lifestyle to help relieve some of the discomfort. Exercise helps strengthen your muscles so that they can support the weight. Heat or ice compresses are also helpful. Monitor your posture to keep your back straight when you’re sitting or standing. Acupuncture and chiropractic experts can offer alternative health methods.

The changes that your body is going through during pregnancy can cause sleep problems. Discomfort from cramps and the frequent urge to urinate can cause you to wake up frequently during the night. The hormone cycles can result in changes in your sleeping patterns. Being awake during the night and the extra strain on your body can increase the daytime sleepiness you experience. In order to combat some of this, exercise and eat well. Keeping your body healthy will help regulate your sleep patterns. Use pillows to alleviate some of the discomfort by supporting the extra weight and the shifts in your weight. Use relaxation techniques to ease your mind before going to bed.

The changing hormone make-up of your body contributes to the back pain and sleep problems that you may experience. Additionally, it can lead to other emotional and physical complications. Mood swings are common. At times, you may feel like you have no control over how you are feeling. Generally, this will pass and not cause a major interruption in your day to day activities. Depression can be part of those mood swings, but can also get a little more severe or persistent. It, too, should pass, but should be monitored to make sure it does not affect you too drastically. Physically, you may experience yeast or urinary tract infections as your hormones adjustments. You can help balance your hormones with a good diet and regular exercise.

The changes in your hormones will make you less tolerant of glucose, leading to higher than normal blood sugar levels, causing your body to produce more insulin to compensate. In a few cases (about 4%), the pancreas has trouble producing the extra insulin and this can lead to gestational diabetes. If you are overweight, have a family history of diabetes, or have had or are having a high risk pregnancy, your chance of developing gestational diabetes is increased. Your doctor will monitor you closely if you develop gestational diabetes. You will adjust your diet and exercise routine to help regulate your sugar levels and monitor your sugar frequently.

Preeclampsia is the development of high blood pressure during pregnancy. In some cases, this can evolve into eclampsia which includes the symptom of seizures. Your blood pressure can be controlled through diet and exercise. In about 6-8% of pregnancies, this is not enough and preeclampsia develops. In a small percentage of those cases, seizures occur. Your doctor will restrict your diet and monitor to avoid further complications.

The many changes that you will go through during your pregnancy can cause complications. Fortunately, many of these can be regulated with lifestyle adjustments such as diet and exercise. In some cases, a doctor may need to intervene. Keep your doctor informed of any concerns you have and follow his or her advice to minimize difficulties.